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Live-in Companion/Homemaker Services – A combination of Companion and Homemaker services.  

  • ŸCasual supportive tasks and providing social companionship.

  • Bathing and Personal Care and Grooming – includes assistance with bathing in shower, tub, and/or sponge bath, assisting with toileting, dressing, hair care, teeth-brushing, non-invasive nail care, and shaving.

  • ŸMeal Preparation and Feeding – includes preparing meal(s), administering meals (feeding if necessary), and clean-up of meals including washing of items used.

  • ŸLight Housekeeping – includes vacuuming, dusting, laundry, and cleaning of items and locations utilized by the Client.  Specific and seasonal cleaning needs to be described below.

  • ŸBedside Care for minor temporary illness – bedside bathing and feeding.

  • ŸMedication Reminders – includes ONLY medication reminders.  Our caregivers are not allowed to administer any medication, refill pillboxes or pick-up any medication without the Client present.

  • ŸErrands and Groceries – includes shopping for items that pertain to the client.  Also includes errands to community events, doctor appointments that do not exceed 15 miles from Client residence.

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