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Konedu Home Care, LLC, solely provides non-medical care.

Services can be customized to fit your needs,

including schedules consisting of 7 days a week

or from 2 to 24 hours of care.


Types of Care

Companion Services - Meaning, casual supportive tasks and providing social companionship and activities.  ŸSome types of activities include:

  • Socialization activities 

  • ŸMedication Reminders   

  • ŸErrands and Groceries

Homemaker Services - Meaning, hands-on personal care, including activities of daily living (ADL), where physical touching the client is required.  This service also includes companionship activities.

  • ŸAssist with Bathing and Personal Care and Grooming.

  • ŸMeal Preparation and Assist with Feeding​

  • ŸLight Housekeeping

  • ŸBedside Care for minor temporary illness  


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