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Client Survey
1. My caregiver provides the services according to my care plan/goals.
2. I feel I can make changes to and have input in my care and services.
3. Caregiver and staff are respectful and have treated me appropriately
4. I am satisfied with the care and services I receive from my caregiver.
5. Caregivers treat my personal property with care and respect.
6. I feel my concerns are handled quickly and I am satisfied.
7. Caregivers arrive on time and on my scheduled days.
8. Staff members are available to answer my requests and questions.
9. I would recommend Konedu Home Care to others.
10. Caregivers are skilled and knowledgeable about job duties and my care.
11. Overall, I am satisfied with Konedu Home Care and the services.

Thanks for submitting!

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