Mental Health 
     Recovery Support Aid 1
                and First Aid
        Training for Approved
           (WIA ) Applicants

Mental Health Recovery Support Personnel, who provide Direct personal care to individuals with mental issues. Their work consists of monitoring resident /clients and reporting abnormal disturbed or disruptive behavior. A Mental Health Recovery Support Aid's job duties can consist of but not limited to: Record Vital signs, assist resident/client to Dr. appointments, cleaning , laundry, bathing, grooming and dressing. Mental Health Recovery Support Aides may perform their duties in Community setting, hospital, group homes, etc. Mental Health Recovery support Aide preform their duties under the supervision of Nurses, Social workers , Psychologist, and psychiatrist.
 Classroom /Lecture: ( 72) hours
 Total clock hours per week: (24) hours
 Total weeks (3)  Tues-Fri 9A- 3P

 How to Apply for  WIA:
Visit a One Stop career center. Express interest in the WIA grant and ask about the waiting list. Most career centers maintain waiting lists for WIA applicants and will assign these applicants to WIA case workers as they become available. The wait may last several weeks.
Use core services, which include outreach services, job searches, placement assistance and labor market information . As part of the Workforce Investment Act, One stop career Centers offer these services.
For more Info :
Visit your local  Ct Works Career Centers:
         Hamden: 37 Marne St. 203 859-3200
         Meriden: 85 West Main St. 203 238-3688
         New Haven: 560 Ella T. Grasso Blvd. 203 867-4030

                           Workforce Alliance Main office:
         New Haven: 560 Ella T. Grasso Blvd. 203 867-4030
                               voice /TDD 203 624-1493 X 258