Konedu Home Care , LLC Agency is dedicated to the provision of comprehensive quality patient's/ client's place of residence.

Konedu Home Care, LLc Agency focuses on each patient's/client complete and individual needs including but not limited to, their safety/ environment and support system.

Konedu Home Care, LLc Agency is committed to the provision of Homemaker/ companion services, Mental Health Technician that assist the patient/client to maximize his/her well being. The agency is committed to the patient/client participation in choices and decisions, respecting each individual's right and needs for self- determination.

Konedu Home care, LLc staffing consist of Mental health Technician's. What is a Mental Health Technician?  Mental Health Technician is sympathetic to the plight of the mentally ill, and has strong desire to help them. What does a Mental Health Technician do? Mental Health Technicians, also know as psychiatric aides or psychiatric technicians, are medical support personnel who provide direct personal care to clients with mental issues. Their work consist of monitoring patients and reporting abnormal, disturbed or disruptive behavior. They also record vital signs, clean patient rooms and assist patient with bathing, grooming and dressing. at times, the Mental health Technician educate patients about self care, encourage participation in social and therapeutic activities and restrain suicidal or violent patients.
 Mental health Technicians perform their duties under the supervision of nurses, Social workers, Psychologists and psychiatrists.